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Manufacturing, Engineering & Integration

FERNÁNDEZ JOVE GROUP has been offering since 1972 a wide range of services from distribution and supply of material to engineering, manufacturing, design, assembly and evaluation of complex system and equipment.

A careful collaboration with our clients and evaluation of their requirements, added to a continuous improvement in design and production, ensures delivery of reliable and proven equipment.


Fernández Jove Group
around the world

Grupo Fernández Jove has developed a wide international structure which allows it to offer a quality service to all its clients in any part of the world.

QA System

ISO Certified and Testing Facilities

Fernández Jove Group has the challenge of achieving the highest standards of quality and service. Therefore, our company enjoys international recognition of ISO quality and Lloyd's Resgister, in order to renew and strengthen quality in our companies.

Fernández Jove also has sales and technical teams that guarantees the correct application of their products and the latest innovations in the market.

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Oil & Gas (Offshore and Onshore)



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