Division of systems: Fuel barges in Iquitos, Peru

FJ | Integral Supply

The systems division of Fernandez Jove Comercial e Ingeniería has recently delivered the fifth of the twelve fuel monitoring and control systems of the barges that are being built at the SIMA shipyard in Iquitos, Peru, and that will operate in the basin of the Amazon River.

These barges, operated by Petroperú, have the mission of transporting fuel and oil between the various points of extraction, refining and supply around the Selva Refinery, located in the Amazon River.

Each of the barges, with a capacity between 8,000 and 20,000 barrels of fuel, is equipped with a complete Fernández Jove control system that allows proper fuel management and thus avoids spills, subtractions, risk situations, etc.

The system includes, among others, a sensor network deployed in the fuel tanks, a renewable energy generation system based on solar panels and a set of visual and audible alarms. 

In addition, all barge operations can be monitored from the refinery itself thanks to a system of communication and GPS antennas.

In this project, Fernández Jove has participated in functional engineering, has supplied the equipment, supervised the installation, and to this day has successfully completed the commissioning of the first 5 units.

Currently, Fernández Jove is working on the next 4 vessels, of the total of 12 that includes this first stage of the project.