Launching of the Corvette “Al Jubaíl”

We thank Navantia for yesterday’s invitation to the #launching of the Corvette “Al Jubaíl”, in which one of our CEOs was present Tony Fernández Jove

This is the first corvette (Clase Avante 2020) out of a series of 5 which constitute Navantia’s programme for the Saudi Royal Navy.

In @Fernandez Jove Group we are very excited about this project and we thank the confidence put on us, in which three of our national manufactured brands are involved, @FJ | Integral Supply, @SAVAL | Válvulas marinas and @Hawke | Transit System.

Photo Corvette “Al Jubaíl” in the shipyard of #San Fernando, #Navantia, #Cádiz.

These pictures have been provided by Navantia S.A.