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Fernández Jove Group's companies:

Fernández Jove SA

Fernández Jove Comercial e Ingeniería SL

Saval de Válvulas SA

Hawke Transit System SL

Hawke Transit Asia PTE LTD 

Hawke Transit UK LTD

Burnetts Hispania SL

Fernandez Jove Group Australia PTY LTD



Since 1972, Fernandez Jove SA has been synonymous with quality and service in the supply of materials and equipment for applications as diverse as shipbuilding (Civil and Military),  Oil & Gas (offshore and onshore), Telecommunications, Chemical industries, Petrochemical, Food and Rail.

In the 1990s the delegations of Ferrol (Galicia) and Cádiz (Andalucía) opened.

In 2004 the company gives the step to the engineering, design, assembly, evaluation of systems and manufacture of equipment and in 2012 specializes in the integration of the Remote Control System (RCSV).

In 2005, the acquisition of Hawke Transit System - HTS to Hawke International UK took place. This company is dedicated to the manufacture of MCTs and also offers the services for its installation.

In 2010 the company Hawke Transit Asia was created to better serve our Asian market clients.

In 2012, when the company Saval de Válvulas was forced to close due to the deep crisis that the sector was experiencing at the time, the company was acquired by the Fernández Jove Group. 

Making a great effort and sacrifice, and thanks to the group's vocation to maintain and create industrial fabric and to its principles of commitment to its customers, the company manages to maintain all the staff and the activity integrating within the group in a satisfactory way.

Saval de Válvulas  has more than 50 years of experience as one of the best manufacturers for high quality valves, supplying high performance valves in different materials under request.

FJ  Integral Supply, was founded in 2015 to continue the engineering work already carried out by the parent company of the group: Fernández Jove SA.

The main activity of the company is engineering, design, installation and evaluation of systems and integration of modular equipment.

The company has a highly qualified staff with enough experience to offer the best solutions (quality and service) to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Burnetts Hispania, was founded in 2015 to manufacture parts of a high strength polymer known as EPDM and as a research, development and innovation platform (R&D&I).

Enterprise Resource Planning 

Our E.R.P. system provides a solid technological foundation for future growth by standardizing business procedures.

This system facilitates information sharing across the company and its offices around the world.

The connection between departments we obtain with our E.R.P. facilitates information sharing, business planning and decision making Fernández Jove Group.


Increased efficiency

Increased operational capacity

Standardization of procedures

Exchange of information



Control and traceability

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Fernández Jove Group
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The Fernández Jove Group has developed a broad international structure that allows it to offer a quality service to all its clients in any part of the world.