FJ  Integral Supply, was founded in 2015 to continue the engineering work that was already being carried out by the parent company of the group: Fernández Jove SA.

The main activity of the company is constituted by engineering, design, and installation, together with system evaluation and integration of modular equipment. The company has a highly qualified staff who counts with wide experience, always ready to offer the best solutions (concerning quality and service) with the objective of satisfying the needs of our clients.

Founded in 1965, Saval de Válvulas joined Fernández Jove group in 2012.

It is a Spanish manufacturer with more than fifty years of experience in the naval world (both civil and military), with a wide range of valves of the following types: gate valves, globe valves, check valves, quick closing valves or ball valves.

Its commitment to quality allows its valves to be certified by any entity classification. The manufacture of its products is of European origin, having an internal system which guarantees that their products are 100% traceable.

In the year 2005 the acquisition of Hawke Transist System took place.

It is an enterprise whose goal is designing, manufacturing and installing MCT sealing systems for the passage of wires and pipes. It counts with distribution and local offices all around the world to make sure the best service is always provided to our clients.

Burnetts Hispania, was founded in 2015 to manufacture parts of a high strength polymer known as EPDM and as a research, development and innovation platform (R&D&I).


Since the establishment of the company in 1972, Fernández Jove S.A. has always been linked to quality and service concerning the supplying of materials and equipment for sectors as diverse as Naval Construction (Civil and Military), Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, The Chemical Industry, The Petrochemical Industry, The Alimentary sector and the Railway sector.
  • Ferretería Villanueva: Supplying products for the industry.

  • FJ | Fernandez Jove: After reconstructing the company, Ferretería Villanueva got converted into FJ. Fernández Jove a business principally centred in supplying materials for both the Naval and Industrial sectors.

  • FJ | Fernandez Jove: The Hydraulic Installations division was created not only to ease the distribution of the distinct range of products available to the clients but also the installation of those products onboard the ships.

  • Hawke Transit System: The British company Hawke, manufacturer of sealing systems for wires and pipes, is acquired.

  • Hawke Transit System: The Asian filial company Hawke Transit System Asia is developed in Singapore, which marks the beginning of the internationalisation of the group..

  • FJ | Fernandez Jove: The division system is created, providing engineering, and manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment for the Naval sector.

  • SAVAL Valves: Acquisition of the company SAVAL, manufacturer of high quality valves, focused on the Naval sector.

  • Construction of the new central headquarters of the Fernández Jove Group in Torrelavega.

  • Burnett Hispania: he company Burnetts Hispania is created, which consists on a factory of EPDM Polymer together with a platform for R+D innovation.

  • Opening of the new facilities in Torrelavega.

  • Sales of the group in more than 89 countries. Received “the company with the most international potential” prize, awarded by the Spanish Maritime collective.

  • FJ | Fernández Jove: the Prior Control System Software label is designed and register.