Works Department: Hydraulic Installation AAOR I y II

Our Works Department was selected for the hydraulic installation of the AAOR I and II for the Australian Navy at Navantia Ferrol Shipyard.

Our works department was selected in the month of September 2018 to carry out the hydraulic installation of the two AAOR for the Australian Navy.

Since last October, our construction team has been carrying out the hydraulic installation of the AAOR I vessel and has recently begun the installation of the AAOR II. These navy vessels will operate for the Australian Navy as an auxiliary ship capable of transporting fuel, water, spare parts, food, ammunition and medicines so that the fleet it accompanies can remain at sea for 20 days or more without refueling and without berthing no port.

More than fifty people from our division are installing the hydraulic remote control, as well as the rest of the hydraulic services, such as the installation of quick-closing valves, hinged doors, sliding doors, hydraulic CPP, propellers propulsion, hydraulic lifts, winches bow and windlass, stern winch, ras-fas, pressure differential detection, sprinklers, servotimon, instrumentation. In addition, the corresponding pressure and flushing tests.

We appreciate the confidence once again from Navantia, to do this work.