Warships & OPV Conferences – Hawke Transit System

Hawke Transit System

Warships & OPV Conferences’ is one of the most important discussion forums around the world in which the main properties of ship design and emerging requirements in the military naval sector are addressed. This is intended to maintain the high level of preparation of the entire spectrum of military maritime operations.

In this forum to be held in Rio de Janeiro on June 26 and 27, 2019, there will be more than 150 high-ranking officers from different armed groups, including Admirals, Vice Admirals, Captains, Material Directors, Heads of Strategic Programs, Capabilities, shipyard directors as well as suppliers of market leading solutions such as Hawke Transit System.

From today, Hawke Transit System on June 26 will expose and resolve questions to all attendees about Hawke and our engineering solutions for the sealing of cable and pipe systems.

In addition, we will address the interoperability for combined operations to which we provide solutions both to the pre-design phase, thanks to our HDS software, and in the installation, testing and maintenance phase of the cable and pipe sealing systems with our exclusive APP for installers of Hawke, which linked to our exclusive system of “Color Coding”, allows to detect in situ at the time of installation any failure in the diameters of sealing.