Rectangular Transit System – Hawke Transit System

Get to know our Rectangular Standard Transit Systems:

Hawke marine and civil transit systems give protection to the cable/pipe entries wherever a wall, deck or bulkhead is penetrated by a cable or pipe. The transit system will maintain the integrity of the structure, which is exposed to risks from hazards such as fire, smoke, water, toxic gases and vermin attack. Our Rectangular Standard Transit Systems:

    • Frames: They are made of mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium,  or upon request special frame can be manufactured.

    • Compression System: It is the final element  of the system installation; it is used to apply and distribute compression throughout the system.

    • Stayplates: They hold each evenly packed row of blocks. There must be a Stayplate in contact with at least one side of the block to maintain the correct pressure rating for the system.

    • Blank Filler Blocks: They are made of the same material as our Tolerant Blocks and they can also come in the same modular size range. Filler Blocks are used to fill up unused space within the frame.

    • Cable/Pipe Tolerant Blocks: They are made of zero halogen, intumescent elastomeric polymer. Each block accepts a range of cable/pipe diameter without the need of any modifications, enabling the complete range of standard sizes to be covered by a small number of blocks.

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