OMC Ravenna 2019 – Hawke Transit System

OMC ravenna 2019 is the main international meeting of the petroleum & gas industry in the Mediterranean area.

The OMC is dedicated to serving all people interested in the Mediterranean Offshore Industry including engineers, scientists, policy makers, educators, industry leaders, students and concerned individuals. Its goals are to disseminating offshore science and technical knowledge and to advance the development of tools and procedures required to explore, study, and further the responsible and sustainable use of the energy resources in the Mediterranean. The conference attracts energy authorities and professionals to discuss the main topics of the industry.

The OMC will take place on 3 days from Wednesday, 27. March to Friday, 29. March 2019 in Ravenna.

At Ravenna 2019, you will find our products for the Offshore industry, as well as, our newest developments as the new catalogue and the Hawke Transit Installer´s App.