Hawke Transit System offers its support to Real Racing Club de Santander – Hawke Transit System

In HAWKE Transit System (Grupo Fernández Jove) we show support to Real Racing Club de Santander for the 2019/20 season after the agreement signed between both entities.

From HAWKE we communicate our relationship with the Cantabrian club, one of the entities of the region with more international projection, due to its participation in LaLiga SmartBank.

Our branding is associated with the club appearing on its website, video scoreboards and social networks. In addition, we are featured in the Weibo channel for Chinese audiences, where we sponsor the post-game interview.

Our company produces in Spain. We use 100% European raw material and comply with the highest quality standards as well as being certified by the most important global certifications.

Our cable and pipe sealing systems are passive safety elements that guarantee the integrity of the structure in different dangerous situations.

HAWKE Transit System was founded in 1985 in the UK and acquired by the Fernandez Jove Group in 2005. With extensive experience in sectors such as marine, civil and industrial we operate globally in over 60 countries, including delegations in Singapore, UK and Turkey.

In the photograph, from left to right, they pose in the Nando Yosu Facilities; Berto Cayarga, David Rodríguez, Borja de Saro (Operations Director of HAWKE Transit System), Juan Antonio Sañudo, Carlos López (Commercial Director of HAWKE Transit System), David Barral and Dani Toribio.

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