European Researcher’s Night 2019 – Hawke Transit System

The “European Night for Researchers” 2019 took place in Santander the 27th of September.

This event had more than 30 workshops spread throughout the city and was visited  by around 5,500 participants, as well as 300 scientists and researchers.

In this event, promoted by Hawke together with other sponsors and in collaboration with the University of Cantabria and the Santander City Council, we  helped disseminating research with the help of the Scientific and Innovation Unit.

The workshops held during the day had a great and positive reception, showing different aspects that we treat and motivate from Hawke, such as the behavior of metals or the functioning of electricity and other areas of research.

The “Night of the Researchers” of Santander has been defined by those who participated in it as a great success and “a great opportunity to learn while you have a great time”.