Division of works: Tuna Ship C-745

Last June 1st, the tuna vessel C-745 was launching. The shipowner is Echebastar and it was built by Zamakona Shipyards.

The division of works of the company participated in this project with fourteen people to perform the hydraulic and pneumatic installation of the ship, and the supply of different equipment and products.

Among the hydraulic services, the installation of the hydraulic pipeline to service the fishing, rudders, propeller, horn, reducer and quick closing machines is of note. In this last service, It was also supplied cabinets, drives and valves for the brand SAVAL.

In the pneumatic part, the company performed the services of brine deposit, bad fish (where pneumatic drives were provided), in addition to the emergency systems of sea-water intakes. 
These systems also had our supply of control panels, valves, actuators, drives, as well as the corresponding installation and commissioning.

We appreciate the confidence of the Shipowner and Shipyard in our company.