Selected for the integration and commissioning of the Electric Remote Control for the Icebreaker Vessel of the Chilean Navy in ASMAR Shipyards.

Last November, the engineering and systems division of Fernández Jove was selected to supply the remote control system for valves and pumps for the icebreaker, which since August has been manufactured at ASMAR Talcahuano shipyards.

The icebreaker vessel of the Chilean Navy will have the function of carrying out tasks of deployment and support to the operations carried out by the bases and scientific stations that the chilean country has in the Antarctic. 
This project has become the most complex carried out by the ASMAR shipyards in its history, being the first unit built by a shipyard in the southern hemisphere.

Fernández Jove will be in charge of developing all the 
control engineering, as well as carry, the supply and integration of all the cabinets, valves and actuators that form the electric remote control of the icebreaker vessel.                                                                                                             

In addition, the developed system will allow remote operation of the pumps of the main ship systems.
Fernández Jove will do 
the operation tests in the ASMAR facilities, giving also support in the life cycle of all these equipments, attending to the needs arising from their activities.

We thank the Chilean Navy and ASMAR Shipyard for placing their trust in a project of great relevance for Chile and for the rest of the world.