COTECMAR, trust again in Fernández Jove Comercial e Ingeniería to supply a new version of the BDA

The Science and Technology Corporation of Naval, Maritime and Riverine Industry Development (COTECMAR) has once again trusted us to collaborate in the construction of a new amphibious landing ship (BDA) for the Colombian Navy (ARC). It will be the VII version of this ship.

Fernandez Jove Comercial e Ingeniería will be in charge of supplying and commissioning the hydraulic system that allows the ship's ramp (one of the most critical and showy parts of the project) to perform the lifting and folding movement.It will also be in charge of supplying the valves for the different services that the ship has, boosting the quality and durability, as it has been demonstrated, with the passage of time in the rest of the ships supplied since 2014.

The BDA is a type of vessel capable of developing humanitarian aid operations in coastal and coastal areas, it also provides support to disaster relief operations and logistical support of the bases on land of the National Navy by transporting troops, containers and general cargo.

BDA is a successful ship model at all levels, in which we are proud to be one of the main collaborators.