Are you sure that your cables and pipes are completely sealed? Is your transit system correctly installed?

A transit system will only perform as well as it has been installed so for complete confidence, insist on Hawke Transit System.

Hawke Transit System products offer the best inspectability on the market.

  • Tolerant Block size range:

This enables a wide sealing range of cable/pipe diameters to be accommodated by a compact range of Tolerant Block sizes. Hawke Tolerant Blocks have five sealing faces that are displaced by the sealing process. This results in a tolerance of up to 4mm for cable diameters without any onsite modification. Due to our Tolerant Blocks not needing to be modified onsite; this makes the system very fast to install and there is no scrap material to dispose of.

  • Colour-Coding:

Each individual Tolerant Block has a colour-coded face. This ensures that each size and pair of Tolerant Block halves is always correctly matched to the cable diameter.

  • Total Inspectability:

The Hawke colour-coded block system provides total inspectability of the transit installation even after assembly has been completed. The system can be visually inspected at a glance.  Our colour-coding feature also aids with onsite installation as the installer simply needs to match the two Tolerant Block halves by colour. On each of the two exposed block faces, the minimum and maximum diameters are clearly marked. This indicates the specific sealing range of the Tolerant Block.

Hawke Transit System is the only company that offers these three advantages to the market, avoiding the risk and incrasing the safety of your installations.